Zentricx, was summoned by HSBC Bank, based on their optimization needs. Requested the installation and implementation of Viya®, in order to obtain the capabilities provided in the Machine Learning models.


The patients and professionals who are part of the Medifé universe have a Telemedicine platform which allows them to put the associate in the center of the scene and be able to provide them with all the services that it has provided until now, without the need to travel.


Zentricx was called by Bancor to carry out a project called “Enterprise Architecture Process (EAP)”, which consisted of an analysis of critical business challenges, with the purpose of identifying possible solutions that help the organization achieve its objectives. strategically efficiently.


Zentricx, in collaboration with Salesforce's Social Studio, implemented a comprehensive strategy that allowed Farmacity to know user opinions in real time, as well as identify trends, volume and traceability of them.

Paraná Insurance

Paraná called us to develop a comprehensive service platform that would allow its current and potential clients in the agricultural sector to quote and contract insurance, with the differential focus on anti-hail insurance.
The objective of the project was to streamline the process of quoting and contracting agricultural insurance, intended for current and potential clients of Paraná Seguros.

Rouge Perfumeries

Zentricx decided to implement an augmented reality application called “Magic Mirror” as a solution, inside mirrors and tablets. In this application the client can test and purchase the selected makeup products.