About Zentricx

We are a company that transforms and sees business, beyond data (going beyond Data-Driven). We think and innovate, encouraging our clients to rediscover and enhance their products and services.


Zentricx's Mission is to improve people's lives by accompanying its clients in the achievement of their projects, in a totally personalized way, with evolved, original, innovative and high-performance solutions, from the first moments of design to its completion and support. .


Zentricx's Vision is to affirm its position as a company focused on the experience of its customers, which provides personalized, powerful and original solutions in America and Europe.

Business areas

Below we present our main pillars of service.

"Going Beyond"

We help the teams of each organization to understand the potential of their data to generate new business opportunities, process improvements and facilitate decision making.

"IT Resources in the cloud for an Ecosystem Under Your Control"

We design, deploy and think about processes, systems and developments to transform and/or optimize your IT resources, obtaining as a result a controlled, managed and replicable infrastructure. We accompany companies in their optimization and scalability to the cloud.

"From the box and beyond."

We identify areas for improvement and opportunities. We go further, we get involved in a detailed analysis of the problem to propose the best solutions according to each need. We help to introduce changes in the culture that can optimize the processes of the organization, providing the best practices and the latest technologies.

"We Advance Business with Technology to Capture Opportunities."

We accompany companies on their path to digital transformation and help them evolve quickly to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risks.

Join our professional team.

Great Place to Work® is an organization that recognizes and certifies the main companies that support their employees and the communities where they develop.

At Zentricx we focus on data science from the perspective of customer experience and thinking about the development of our collaborators. We always think about the Experience.


Our priority is our clients, as well as our collaborators. EX and CX are in our DNA. For this reason, we certify as #GreatPlaceToWork in # Argentina.