Sensors and IOT: the best partners for smart water management

Data-driven technological solutions are being highlighted to address growing water scarcity. The use of IoT devices enables intelligent management of water resources at the household, government and agricultural levels. This approach has led to increasing investment in the smart water management market, estimated at $53.6 billion by 2031, with applications ranging from leak detection and prevention to irrigation system automation and problem forecasting. The combination of sensors, data analysis and IoT technologies offers an innovative and essential solution to meet the challenge of water scarcity in the future.

The evolution of voice recognition takes the smart home to the next level

Voice recognition technologies are advancing in IoT devices, promising to transform the connected home. Since its inception in the 1950s, speech recognition has evolved, reaching remarkable accuracy in 2018 and accelerating due to the pandemic. There are expected to be 8 billion digital voice assistants in use by 2023, driving a market of $31.82 billion by 2025. These systems enable smart home automation beyond device management, incorporating emotion-based interaction and context, and opening possibilities for new uses.